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Helping associations grow, prosper, thrive!

Quindigo Management is an association management company that partners with membership-based associations in North Texas to help them grow, prosper, and thrive. Founded in 2003, we work with a diverse range of industries to help them expand, improve operations, and strengthen their financial viability.


Volunteers generally run associations. However, when the association grows past the volunteers' capacity, leaders call on Quindigo Management as an experienced and trusted resource with a proven track record to help them reach their fullest potential. We focus on the details that make the association run so members can focus on moving the association's mission forward.

To better assist volunteers, Quindigo can coordinate company board meetings, committee meetings and other meetings as directed including sending out meeting notices, minutes, correspondence and other information requests as needed.

Advocacy Work

A key part of many associations is the work around the issues that move your industry or group forward. As representatives of your association, Quindigo Management strives to show value to your organization by facilitating advocacy efforts in the community. These efforts include political advocacy, educational outreach to affiliated conferences and community groups, marketing efforts around key industry issues, and so much more.

Membership Development

To assist with membership development, Quindigo can manage all aspects of membership from database maintenance to membership recruitment and renewal programs designed to increase your membership growth and retention.

Financial Management

Sound fiscal management is the key to any organization’s success. Quindigo is set up to manage all aspects of required bookkeeping with the necessary safeguards in place to maintain financial security.

As technology changes, an interactive website with current information adds value to any association.  The creative team at Quindigo is set up to create customized websites, and if desired, link this website to a database designed specifically for each organization.  Quindigo also updates and maintains websites to keep them competitive in the marketplace.

To better assist with your marketing and media strategies, Quindigo’s graphic design team can assist with customized email campaigns, e-newsletters, meeting announcements & invitations, special event materials, membership directories, and anything else your association might need! Quindigo also has experience in social media and digital marketing using data-driving strategies to target audiences for membership development, education, and fundraising.


Quindigo is equipped to help you run your events.  Any event your organization presents to its membership and the community at large from monthly meetings, to educational seminars, to special events, to fundraisers, deserves attention to detail and careful planning to bring about its success.  Quindigo has a proven track record of event management and will work to make your meetings and special events successful. No event is too small or too big for our team to handle!

Our Promise

We care deeply about our Client's success and make the following promises:

  • Association volunteers remain in control of the organization. They set the vision. We implement it.

  • Cultural fits matter. Once hired by Quindigo Management, we make sure we have the right person and relationships in place for the organization; if changes are necessary, we make those changes.

  • We over-deliver and finish well. For any event, project, or relationship, we are committed to meeting deadlines, reaching goals, and continuously moving the ball forward. We regularly conduct evaluations, hold debriefing discussions, and analyze lessons learned.

  • We care about the big picture and the details. We will take care of the detail work so the association's leadership can take care of moving the mission forward. At the same time, we are ready and able to help with the strategic, big-picture work too.

  • We help raise the association's income. No association can fulfill its mission if it isn't financially healthy. We are committed to helping our clients find creative and practical ways to generate revenue and stay within budget.

“Quindigo was instrumental in setting up the Tarrant Transit Alliance.  Their knowledge let us get up and running quickly and efficiently.”

Jeff Davis

Republic Title

Quindigo Management

PO Box 470474

Fort Worth, TX 76147

Tel: 817-480-1060

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